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Treasures of the EarthTreasures of the Earth” examines the geology which affects our lives. In the exhibition, there is a model house which demonstrates how and where we use substances obtained from the earth. You can locate materials such as copper and titanium, which can be found in a typical kitchen or garage.
We advise you to see the beautiful animated film, which shows the different geological periods. A large model shows you a modern gold mine. Near it is a display of useful minerals, where you can inspect a collection of domestic objects. All of these contain natural substances, and any questions you have about the minerals can be answered.
Our scientists use samples from the collection in order to study the minerals, each one of which has its own characteristics, from the hardness of diamond to the softness of talc. These differences mean that minerals like iron can be used for a variety of purposes, for tools, building materials, or jewellery, for example. Discover our planet’s secrets! In one section of the exhibition you will find a sample of rock from the moon which has been lent by NASA. Part of this rock is older than any we know on earth.
Dramatic changes are produced by movements or fractures of the earth, which cause volcanoes and earthquakes. You can experience for yourself how an earthquake feels in our earthquake room, and in a spectacular video you can watch the entire four-thousand-million-year history of the planet in just a few minutes.



1. Write a summary of the text in English, including the most important points, using your own words whenever possible (maximum 50 words).

2. Find words or phrases in the text that correspond in meaning to the words and definitions given here.

  • a) A public display, where things are on show: exhibition
  • b) Implements used by the hand: tools
  • c) Given, but only for a period of time: lent
  • d) Breaks or cracks: fractures

3. Complete the second sentence of each pair so that it has the same meaning as the first one.

4. Answer the following questions in your own words.


5. Describe a visit to a museum, exhibition or art gallery if you have been to one. If not, do you think they should be free, or should people have to pay to enter? Give reasons for your answer (Approximately 120 words)

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