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At padlockedIt's unbelievable how the Internet has become such an unsafe place. You are always faced with the possibility of being hacked or being infected by viruses and all sorts of online contaminants. While we can never be a hundred percent free from the risks, there are things we can do to reduce them significantly, and we don't even have to be experts on Internet security. Just being aware could actually save you a great deal of trouble and, of course, your basic firewall and anti-virus software will have to be updated properly.
Most of the time, we only need to practice some common sense, discipline and a little paranoia. For example, if you receive emails from people you don't know, you’d better suspect the senders may have malicious intentions. Most of these are actually hackers who would try to lead you into clicking on a certain link. If you click on it, you'll end up in their site, so they could, for example, set off a certain code to remotely access and control your computer. That means anyone can steal whatever personal information you have stored in there -maybe your bank account number, your credit card number, your passwords or usernames.
There are also hackers who'll send you emails pretending to be an employee of your bank and asking for your current usernames and passwords to activate your account. Just remember that established institutions never transact online when it comes to very sensitive information. Therefore, when you encounter an email like this, ignore it because it is most certainly a trick.

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