End up

1-2 End up : Become or do something unplanned

  • Inseparable

         3- End up in To arrive, especially by a circuitous or lengthy route or process

    • Inseparable
    • Intransitive

  • Examples in context:
    • 1- 
      • (...) students who drank it this fall at Ramapo College in New Jersey ended up in emergency rooms, some with high levels of alcohol poisoning. 
      • (...) the region could end up with no floating ice in summers sometime between 2050 and the early decades of the next century. 
      • This involves coating the silk in a sweet potato paste, (...). It is later rinsed many times in water, and ends up a soft, off-black colour.  
      • Under current trade agreements, industries can compete by spending so little on wages and infrastructure, such as decent sewerage, that their labourers end up in very poor health.
    • 2- 
      • Once you make a robot for human environments (...) you end up getting closer to a human shape.
      • Illegal copies of movies end up being sold on street corners and made available through online networks just after they are shown in cinemas for the first time.                              
      • You end up missing parts of the film.
      • 3- 
        • If you click on it, you'll end up in their site , so they could, for example, set off a certain code to remotely access and control your computer.
        • (...) some end up in special schools, such as the Riverside Young Mothers’ Unit in North Shields.

      1- terminar, acabar (en un estado)
      2- terminar, acabar (haciendo algo)
             3- ir a parar a, terminar en (un lugar)

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