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Man carrying a dog
That morning I had an appointment with Frank Gehry, an architect from the city building department. I wanted to build a housing project and the plans needed his approval. I was driving quite fast and became lost in a maze of one way streets. I never like being late, so I was paying more attention to finding my way back downtown than to the road. That’s when I felt a hard bump. I stopped and saw a large dog, apparently dead, on the road. I ran to the nearest house, rang the bell and a young woman opened the door. “I’ve killed a dog and I need to call the police,” I said. “Can I use your phone?” I asked. She looked out and said calmly, “That’s my dog.”
After the officers had left she offered me a cup of coffee. I accepted. There were some letters on the kitchen table and I saw that one of them was addressed to “Frank Gehry.” I was astonished and asked what her husband’s name was. “Frank Gehry”, she answered. “Great,” I thought. “I need this man’s approval, and I’ve just killed his dog.”
When I arrived at the city hall a few minutes later, Frank was coming down the stairs with an angry look on his face. When he reached me, he embraced me and said loudly, “You’ve done us a great favour. Our dog was old and blind and had cancer, and neither my wife nor I had the
courage to put him to sleep. Thank you so much for what you’ve done.”

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