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FEMEN protest
FEMEN is a radical feminist protest group founded in Ukraine in 2008. The group is now based in Paris. The organization has become internationally known for its topless protests against religious institutions, sexism, homophobia, and other social, national, and international issues. This is the justification behind FEMEN’s actions: if the female body is so well-suited to marketing purposes, why not use it to benefit women? “Why is it that a woman who comes out and uncovers her chest is called a prostitute? Why?” declares Anna Dieda, a FEMEN activist. “My attitude is that I protest against something and I show my breasts to attract attention”. What makes FEMEN different from commercial projects is the fact that every action promotes a social or political issue. FEMEN’s provocative behavior distinguishes the movement from typical political or ideological manifestations. Another difference of FEMEN’s radicalism is the young women’s use of street space. According to experts from the Center of Social Research, who have analyzed the status of the struggle for women's rights in Ukraine, it is precisely street protest activities that attract attention. Their latest action happened last Christmas. A topless FEMEN protester (with the words “God is woman” painted across her naked chest) kidnapped Baby Jesus from the manger at St. Peter's Square in Vatican City. The woman ran to the manger in the center of the square, took the Jesus figurine, and raised it above her head while shouting slogans against the Catholic Church. The action was in protest against “the centuries-old Vatican view of women's rights for their own bodies and the reproductive function”. To what extent are we ready to take seriously a protest expressed through the sexualized female body? Is the group just changing the focus from the level of protest to that of a sexual performance, a peepshow, striptease, or promiscuity? How effective is such a protest?
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1.- Say whether the following sentences are TRUE or FALSE according to the text. Copy the evidence from the text. No marks will be given without the evidence.
a) – FEMEN members protest mostly on television .
b) – FEMEN protested against the Catholic Church in Ukraine last Christmas.
c) – FEMEN’s protests are all aimed at Christian churches.

2.- Choose ONLY THREE of the following words and write a synonym (=), an opposite (≠), a definition or a sentence (only one of these four) to show that you understand their meaning in the text. Use your own words.

3.- Read this conversation between two people and complete it. Write the numbers (1-8) and complete each sentence on your exam paper. (2 points)
A sister and brother at home in the evening. No parents around 
  • Cathy: What are we going to do?
  • David: I want to watch this film. Are you ready?
  • Cathy: No, where’s the popcorn?
  • David: (1) There’s no popcorn.
  • Cathy: No popcorn? Why not? I love eating popcorn while I watch a film!
  • David: (2) I don’t like popcorn.
  • Cathy: I do! Wait five minutes and it’s done.
  • (5 minutes later)
  • David: (3) Did you get your popcorn?
  • Cathy: Yes, now I’m ready. Here’s the popcorn. (4) Do you want some?
  • David: No, I told you I didn’t want any.
  • Cathy: Don’t you want something to drink?
  • David: I don’t want popcorn and I don’t want anything to drink. (5) I just want to watch the film!
  • Cathy: OK, OK.
(30 minutes later)
  • Cathy: Why are you yawning? 
  • David: (6) I’m exhausted/I’ve had a hard day at school.
  • Cathy: Why don’t you go to bed?
  • David: I want to watch this movie.
  • Cathy: You can watch it tomorrow. (7) Why don’t you record it?
  • David: The DVD recorder is broken.
  • Cathy: Then you should wait for a rerun or try to download it from the Internet.
  • David: I’ve wanted to watch this film for years and I don’t want to miss it now.
  • Cathy: (8) But you’ll fall asleep.
  • David: No, I won’t. I never fall asleep in the middle of a film.
  • Cathy: Well, if you do, I promise I’ll tell you how the movie ends.
  • David: Zzz

4.- Choose only 4 of the following situations. Write what you would say in or about each one to show that you understand the context of the situation. Between 6 and 20 words. (2 points)
1. Your teacher says that mobile phones should be banned at school.
2. Your friends can stay out as late as they want, you until 10.30. Complain to your parents.
3. Your friend comments, “Teachers should not be allowed to give homework at weekends”.
4. Your grandmother tells you, “Your only hobby is playing video games”. Express disagreement.
5. Your mother/father asks you, “Why are you so upset?”
6. It’s a school day and your brother/sister is watching TV at midnight. Give him/her some advice.

5.-Write a composition of about 100 words on ONE of the following topics. (3 points)
a) – Is FEMEN doing it right or wrong? Write an email to FEMEN giving your opinion about their protest group and the actions they take.
b) – Do women have full rights everywhere?


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