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Working for the Royal Household
The Royal Household provides unique career opportunities for those who wish to take a new direction. 


There is a wide range of benefits and facilities available to permanent and fixed-term contract employees of the Royal Household. These include the following:
•    Eligibility to join the Royal Household Stakeholder pension scheme and receive a 15% employer contribution to a portable pension, death in service cover (four times salary), and ill health cover after six months' service
•    25 days' annual leave rising to 30 days after 10 years' service (pro rata for part-time or fixed-term contracts)
•    Excellent staff dining facilities at Buckingham Palace. Staff at all sites are provided with a free lunch each working day
•    Supportive sick pay and family-friendly policies
•    For those who are eligible, subsidised accommodation and housing, for which an abatement is charged
•    20% discount in all Royal Collection Shops and 10% discount in Windsor Farm Shop
•    Complimentary tickets to the occupied Royal residences and galleries
•    Employee Assistance Programme (independent information and counselling service) open to all employees and their immediate family 


The Royal Household aims to ensure that all employees have the necessary knowledge, skills and experience to contribute to their maximum potential. Many training and development opportunities are available to staff, including:
•    Full induction training for all new employees
•    Structured on-the-job programmes
•    Technical training
•    IT training
•    Personal skills and management training
•    Financial support and study leave for relevant professional qualifications.
All employees receive a structured performance development review at least once a year, when there is an opportunity to discuss performance and training and development needs with managers.


The Royal Household aims to employ the best people from the widest available pool of talent. It also strives to ensure that all employees are able to contribute to their maximum potential, irrespective of gender, race, ethnic or national origin, disability, religion, sexual orientation or age. The Royal Household does and will:
•    Take steps to attract employment applications from talented individuals in all sections of the community;
•    Review periodically selection criteria and processes to ensure individuals are recruited and promoted on the basis of their merits and abilities relevant to the job;
•    Provide a working environment in which no employee experiences discrimination, harassment or intimidation.


Read the following text about Working for the Royal Household and check if the statements below are TRUE or FALSE.
Question 0 has been completed as an example.
0.    The British Monarchy provides unique career opportunities.   TRUE    

1.    Pension and health insurance benefits are available immediately upon employment.   
2.    After 10 years of service staff can take over 30 days off. 
3.    Some employees are allowed to have lunch each working day without paying for it.  
4.    Your close family can enjoy special benefits.   
5.    Employees who want to pursue further studies significant to their post receive a grant. 
6.    All staff are given feedback on their performance.  
7.    Promotion happens on the basis of years of service.    


1.    FALSE
2.    FALSE
3.    FALSE
4.    TRUE   
5.    TRUE   
6.    TRUE   
7.    FALSE


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