Fugitive's Facebook habit leads to arrest - PAU inglés 2013

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Fugitive's Facebook habit leads to arrest - PAU 2013 inglés resuelto
Some people are good at being fugitives from the police. They stay at home, they go out in disguise or even create a new identity. Others are not so successful. Take the case of Maxi Sopo, a 26-year-old criminal who was in hiding in Mexico from the US police. His first big mistake was to use his Facebook page to tell his friends about the fun he was having. In regular updates on Facebook, Sopo said he was “living in paradise” in Mexico and “loving it”. Sopo, who arrived in the US from Cameroon in 2003, made money by selling roses in Seattle nightclubs. Then he moved on to bank fraud. But he soon learnt that police were investigating him and drove a rented car to Mexico in February. Investigators looked at social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace but they could find no sign of him at first and couldn’t see his location in Mexico. Several months later, a secret service agent checked Facebook again and suddenly found Maxi Sopo. His photo showed him partying in front of a backdrop with BMW and Courvoisier cognac logos on it. Although Sopo’s profile was private, his list of friends was not. Assistant US Attorney, Michael Scoville, who helped to find Sopo, began to look through his list of friends. He was surprised that one of those was Rafael Rodríguez, linked to the Mexican justice department. Scoville immediately sent a message to the man. “We figured this was a person we could probably trust to keep our investigation discreet,” Scoville said. Rodriguez told Scoville he had met Sopo in Cancun’s nightclubs a few times. He learned where Sopo was living and passed that information back to Scoville, who informed the Mexican police. They arrested Sopo last month. If convicted of fraud, Sopo could go to prison for up to 30 years. Plenty of time to update his Facebook page.



I.- Answer questions 1-4 according to the information given in the text. USE YOUR OWN WORDS. DO NOT COPY FROM THE TEXT
1. Why did Sopo use his Facebook page while he was in hiding?
2. What was Sopo’s first job in Seattle?
3. How did Sopo escape from the US?
4. Why did Scoville trust Rodríguez to investigate Sopo?

II.- Are these statements True or False? Justify your answers based on information from the text, rewriting the original sentences in your own words or quoting properly.
1. A secret service agent found a photo of Sopo partying.
2. Sopo’s profile was open to everybody.

III.- Find the words or expressions in the text that mean
1. individuality, personality, character: identity (p. 1, line 2)
2. the crime of gaining money or other benefits by trickery: fraud (p. 2, line 2)
3. special designs or ways of writing its name a company uses in all its products: logos (p. 3, line 3)
4. being tactful to avoid causing problems, careful, cautious: discreet (p. 4, line 6)


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