Go out

1- Go out: Leave a place
2- Go out: Stop burning, be extinguished

1-  Salir
2-  Apagarse (luz, fuego, cigarrillos) 

  • Intransitive
  • Examples in context:

1.-  As she was going out for a walk, she decided to drop off the letter at the correct house.
1.-  Once the allocated time in front of the box has expired, the TV automatically switches off and the child must go out to play if he wants to earn more time.
1.-  There were also some good effects though, as people developed survival skills and went out for walks and visited friends rather than sitting in front of a computer.
1.- The proportion of women going out to work is probably the main force pushing this time-saving trend.
1.- Some people are good at being fugitives from the police. They stay at home, they go out in disguise or even create a new identity.
1.- Things reached an all-time low one night in 1989 when a female Wall Street executive went out jogging, only to be brutally raped and beaten by a gang of black teenagers.
2.-  I have a packet at home, but I don’t like them. They always go out.

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