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Mobile phones in cinemas Increasingly New Yorkers are placing and receiving calls when they go to the movies. But now if a new law does become effective in December, the very act of talking into a mobile phone in a cinema or any other place of public performance could become illegal and result in a 50-euro fine. The proposed law has strong support from cinemagoers.
“It is annoying when people in a movie theatre use their mobiles. You end up missing parts of the
film,” said one New Yorker. The use of mobile phone in live theatres and concert halls would also be included in the prohibition. Many people in the show business support the proposed law. The problem is that the ban will be difficult to apply because it will be hard to catch transgressors.
Mobile phone companies are not too happy. Telecommunications lawyer Martin Rothfelder said: “It is a government intrusion into an area of common sense and courtesy.” But council members are determined; they want to modify anti-social behaviour and send a message. “You just need to turn the mobile off, put it in your pocket and enjoy the show,” they said. Last year New York became the first state to outlaw use of mobile phones by drivers.

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