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Sylvi Listhaug, Norway’s immigration minister, has told refugees that exploited a legal gap to enter the country  on bikes  through an  Arctic  Circle  crossing  will  have to  return  to  Russia.  Around 5,500 asylum seekers used bikes to travel through the Storskog crossing last year and, although Russia does not  allow people  to  cross  the  border  on foot  and  Norway  does  not  let  in  motorists carrying people without documents, people on bicycles are allowed in on both sides. 
Listhaug  also  announced  that  immigrants  without  a  transit  visa  would  be  sent  back  to  Russia. The two  nations  have  been  sending  refugees  back  and  forth  since  November  2015  when  the  new route was identified by authorities. Once they reach Norway, refugees spend time at a centre that provides shelter for  around  600  people  in  barracks  on  a  former  military  camp  bordering  the airport  of Kirkenes. New arrivals are given fleece jumpers, waterproof jackets and other clothes appropriate for the  Arctic climate,  with  most  of  them  sleeping  in  bunk  beds.  On  Thursday, Norwegian  police confirmed that the refugees would not be forced to return across the border on two wheels, and could instead be taken by bus. 
The number  of  people  taking  the  Arctic  route  is  tiny  compared  with  the  estimated  750,000  who arrived  via  the  Mediterranean  in  2015,  a  perilous  journey  that  has  led  to  the  loss  of  at  least 3,400 lives. 
William Watkison, International Business Times, 15-1-2016


Part A. Reading Comprehension

I. Answer  the  following  questions  using  your  own  words  but  taking  into  account the information in the text. (2 points: 1 point each)

II.Are  the  following  statements  true  (T)  or  false  (F)?  Identify  the  part  of  the  text that supports your answer by copying the exact passage on the answer sheet. (1.5 point: 0.5 each)

III. Find a synonym for each of the four words below from these six options: (1 point: 0.25 each)
seekers      shelter        barracks          former          bunk            loss

IV. Choose a, b, or c, in each question below. Only one choice is correct. (1.5 points: 0.5 each)
1. Norway’s immigration minister declared that immigrants...
2. Once in Norway, immigrants are sent to a...
3. Immigrants will not be mandatorily sent back to Russia on two wheels but...

Part B. Composition 

  • What problems do immigrants face when they get to a new country? (130 to 150 words approximately) (4 points)


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