Scientists invent anti-ageing chocolate - Bachiller Andalucía 2015

Imagine a new chocolate that keeps you looking younger. It seems too good to be true, but a team of scientists believes that they have invented anti-ageing chocolate. A laboratory working with the UK's Cambridge University has been working on a method to keep away wrinkles and keep the skin looking younger. It has called its new product 'Esthechoc'. This is a combination of the words 'esthetic' (meaning all things beautiful) and 'chocolate'. The new product is also called Cambridge Beauty Chocolate. The makers will start selling it from next month. The laboratory has not said anything about the price yet, but it is likely to be quite expensive. The lab hopes young, rich business executives will buy it.
The laboratory used a special chemical called an antioxidant in the chocolate. The antioxidant they used is one that gives flamingos their pink colour. The scientists say that the antioxidant can bring parts of the skin of a 50 to 60-year-old person back to the levels of a 20 to 30-year-old. They said people who ate the chocolate could see changes in their skin within just three weeks. A spokesman for the laboratory said it took a decade of research and trials with more than 3,000 volunteers to produce Esthechoc.
The chocolate bar will only be sold in boxes of 21 bars – one a day for three weeks. Other scientists say more research is needed for people to know whether or not Esthechoc actually works.


1. Lee el texto y di si las siguientes oraciones son verdaderas (V) o falsas (F) de acuerdo con la información dada en el texto. Justifica tu respuesta de acuerdo al texto tanto si son verdaderas como falsas.
[ ] The chocolate bar can make people look up thirty years younger.
[ ] The product hasn’t been tested yet.

2. Elige la respuesta correcta.
A. The anti-ageing chocolate
B. The laboratory ..
C. The chocolate uses

3. Contesta la siguiente pregunta con tus palabras usando la información del texto.


4. Busca en el texto un sinónimo para la siguiente palabra.

5. Busca en el texto un antónimo para la siguiente palabra.

6. Une cada palabra con su definición. Tienes un ejemplo.
ageing / method / wrinkle / research / invent / keep away
Ejemplo: growing old, becoming older: ageing
  • A. a careful patient study of a subject in order to discover or revise facts, theories, principles, etc.: research
  • B. technique, way: method
  • C. to refrain or prevent from coming: keep away
  • D. a small crease in the skin, as from aging: wrinkle
  • E. to produce for the first time, as a result of one's own ingenuity and effort: invent

7. Transforma las siguientes oraciones como se te sugiere.



    8. Escribe una composición de entre 70 y 80 palabras sobre UNO de los siguientes temas.
     Advantages and disadvantages of becoming older.
     The importance of looking younger and beautiful nowadays.

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