Examen FP Grado Superior 2015 - From classroom to office

From classroom to office - Young entrepreneurs
Getting an education and going into business are both hard work. But some teenagers manage to start their own companies while they are still at school! So, how did they do it? Has their age been a problem? I talked to some young entrepreneurs to find out.
Andrew Butt is the twenty-year-old manager of a computer software business. When he was twelve, he offered to do small jobs at a local helicopter training centre after school. At first, he made people cups of tea, then he began programming the centre´s computer system. During his time at the centre, Andrew realized that he might have the ability and experience to work for himself. Unfortunately, his teachers disagreed with him! At fifteen, Andrew left school. He hired a tutor, and by the age of sixteen he was running his own company, which was called Enable Software.
Harlem Lyrics Cards was launched by Chauncey Holloman in Arkansas, USA, when Chauncey was only sixteen. Her greeting cards are brightly-coloured, and they often feature hiphop characters and informal, colloquial language. Chauncey explained that she started designing cards because she couldn´t find anything suitable for her friends´ birthdays.
In California, seventeen-year-old student Ryan Glasgow has started his seventh company! His latest business is Pure Five Audio, which is an online shop that sells more than 700 products. Ryan certainly wasted no time in getting started in the business world. He started his career by selling locally-picked fruit to friends- before the age of eight!
All these young people became very successful entrepreneurs at an early age. All are very positive, ambitious people, who were prepared to give their all in fulfilling their dreams. But has their commitment to business had any negative impact on their lives? Andrew wonders whether some of his friendships might have been damaged by his decision to leave school early. If he hadn´t left school, it would have been easier to stay in touch. In general, however, he feels very glad that he took the risk! Chauncey has been able to rely on her family to help with her company. She has missed a few days of school, but she hopes to finish her education and go to business college. Ryan thinks that it is a challenge to keep school, business, and a social life in balance, but he feels that it is a challenge that he can meet. In conclusion, it seems that age is no barrier to business success. All you need is a good idea, confidence, and a willingness to put in a lot of hard work. After that, the sky is the limit!

  • Challenge: reto, desafío.
  • Successful: competente, exitoso.


Marque la respuesta correcta en cada caso

1. Which option best describes the main topic of the text?
A It is too difficult for teenagers to start a business.
B Some teenagers are successfully starting their own business.
C School is bad for you if you want to start your own business.

2. How did Andrew Butt start his business career?
A He started working part-time at the age of twelve.
B He started his own company at the age of twelve.
C He left school in order to start work at a helicopter training centre.

3. While Andrew was working at the helicopter centre, he started to think…
A that he would spend a lot of years as a computer programmer there.
B that he could start his own business.
C that his teachers would agree with him.

4. Chauncey became a designer…
A before the age of sixteen.
B because she had forgotten to buy cards for her friends.
C because she wanted to make better birthday cards.

5. What are Chauncey´s cards like?
A They are black and white.
B They have rap singers on them.
C They have floral patterns.

6. When he was a child, Ryan…
A was a fruit-seller.
B hated wasting time.
C decided to open an online shop.

7. When did Ryan leave school?
A At fifteen.
B Never. He is still studying.
C He has always had a tutor at home.

8. According to the writer of the text …
A It is more difficult to achieve business success when you are young.
B There is no limit to what you can achieve if you have the right attitude.
C You need to work for very long hours to be successful.

9. What would Chaucey like to do in the future?
A To ask her family to help with the company.
B Not to miss school so often.
C To go to college in order to study business.

10. What challenge does Ryan have to face up to?
A He has to sell more than 700 products on the Internet.
B He has to find time for his education, for his work and for his friends.
C He needs to be more positive and ambitious.

11. What does ‘entrepreneurs’ mean?
A People who have a negative impact on their lives.
B People who start their own business.
C People who work hard to be successful.

12. Choose the correct sentence:
A Ryan, who is seventeen, has started his own business.
B Ryan, that is seventeen, has started his own business.
C Ryan which is seventeen has started his own business.

13. Choose a sentence with the same meaning as “Ryan wasted no time in getting started in the business world.
A Ryan doesn´t wasted any time in getting started in the business world.
B Ryan didn´t wasted any time in getting started in the business world.
C Ryan didn´t waste any time in getting started in the business world.

14. Andrew………his own company since he was sixteen.
A was running
B has run
C ran

15. ………….ever thought about starting your own business?
A Have you
B Did you
C Were you

16. Chaucey explained that she couldn´t find anything suitable for her friends’ birthdays
A Chaucey explained, ‘I didn’t find anything suitable for my friends’ birthdays’
B Chaucey explained, ‘I don’t find anything suitable for my friends’ birthdays’
C Chaucey explained, ‘I can’t find anything suitable for my friends’ birthdays’

17. Andrew Butt started Enable Software. Choose a similar sentence:
A Enable Software started by Andrew Butt.
B Enable Software was started by Andrew Butt.
C Enable Software was starting by Andrew Butt.

18. If he didn’t leave school, he…….more friends.
A has
B will have
C would have

19. Harlem Lyrics Cards isn’t as big as Pure Five Audio
A Harlem Lyrics Cards is least big than Pure Five Audio.
B Pure Five Audio is more big than Harlem Lyrics Cards.
C Pure Five Audio is bigger than Harlem Lyrics Cards.

20. The writer advised young people…
A to work hard
B working hard.
C that they work hard.


  1. B
  2. A
  3. B
  4. C
  5. B
  6. A
  7. B
  8. B
  9. C
  10. B
  11. A
  12. C
  13. B
  14. A
  15. C
  16. B
  17. C
  18. C
  19. A


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