Examen FP Grado Superior 2013 - My best holiday

My best holiday- Russia
I've just come back from a school trip to Russia. It was for students who are studying art or history. The day before we left I was very nervous about going to a country with a culture so different from my own.
We arrived in Moscow at lunchtime. That afternoon we went to Red Square and the Kremlin. It really brought my history lessons alive. Over the next two days we saw a lot of squares and churches. At the end of the third day we took an overnight train to St Petersburg. I only slept for about half an hour because it was really hot. We tried to open the windows, but we couldn't. The next morning we discovered that we had passed an enormous nuclear power plant and the guards had closed all the doors and windows for security reasons!
St Petersburg was even more impressive than Moscow. In the morning we visited some beautiful squares and churches and after lunch we went to the amazing Hermitage Museum. The next day, our last day, in the morning there was snow everywhere and the sky was blue. I think it was the most beautiful sight I’ve ever seen. We all had a snowball fight in a park – it was brilliant fun.
I loved the trip because I saw some brilliant sights, I discovered a new culture and now I feel closer than before to my classmates.


Question 1

(2 points).Indicate if the following statements are true or false and write down which part of the text justifies your answer.
1. History lessons were very useful for the writer in this trip
2. Although it was very hot, the author could sleep for hours.
3. According to the author St Petersburg isn’t as nice as Moscow
4. The students played a game in the snow


Question 2

(2 points). Answer the following questions in your own words.
1.Why was the author nervous the night before the trip to Russia?
2.What did the students do in Moscow?

Question 3

(1.5 points) Find the synonyms in the text for the following words.

Question 4

(1.5 points) Complete the sentences with the correct structure.
  • 1. All the windows were closed for security reasons all night long. (past passive)
  • 2. During the trip I met David, who is now one of my best friends. (relative pronoun)
  • 3. If I visited Moscow, I would go to Red Square. (conditional sentence)

Question 5

(3 points) Write a short essay (about 100 words) on ONE of the following topics:
  • Travelling to a foreign country : advantages and disadvantages
    • Or
  • Using the internet is the best way to organize a trip to a foreign country.


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