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Fish and chips"Fish and chips" is deep‐fried fish in batter with deep‐fried potatoes, and a popular takeaway food.
Fish and chips is originally from the United Kingdom, but also very popular in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa and some coastal towns of the Netherlands and Norway.
For decades, it was the dominant (if not the only) take‐away food in the United Kingdom. The fried potatoes are called chips in British and international usage; and while American English calls them french fries, the combination is still called "fish and chips".
Fish and chips have separately been eaten for many years –though the potato was not introduced to Europe until the 17th century. The originally Sephardi dish Pescado frito came to Netherlands and Englan with the Spanish and Portuguese Jews in the 17th and 18th centuries. This fried fish became popular in London and the south‐east in the middle of the 19th century, while in the North of England an industry of deep‐fried "chipped" potatoes developed.
It is unclear when and where these two products came together to become the fish and chip shop industry we know today. The first combined fish and chip shop was probably the one opened in London by Joseph Malin in 1860. 
During World War II, fish and chips were one of the few foods that were not rationed in the UK.



1.Are the following sentences TRUE or FALSE? Justify your answer copying the evidence from the text. No marks are given for only TRUE or FALSE.
a. Fish and chips have a different name in American English.
b. While fried fish was popular in the South of England during the 19th century, chips were produced in the North.

2. Fill in the gaps with the appropriate form of the word in brackets:


3. Fill in the gaps with an appropriate word:
  • a. When you travel to London, do not forget to buy some fish and chips and travel by underground.
  • b. I like eating fish and chips in the street.

4. In your own words and based on the ideas from the text, answer these questions. Be careful with the grammar and write precise answers.
a. Why do you think fish and chips became popular in those countries?
b. What is the influence of Spain on English fried fish?


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