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EuroVegas: Gambling in SpainLas Vegas in Europe… Do you like the sound of it? A giant complex that wouldn’t pale in comparison with its American counterpart with its six casinos, three golf courses, nine theatres and twelve hotels, not to mention a myriad (1) of restaurants and shops. This is the project being put forward (2) by multibillionaire Sheldon Adelson, the 14th wealthiest person in the world. After having conquered the US (Nevada and Pennsylvania) and Asia (Macao and Singapore), the gambling magnate now contemplates taking over Europe, and more specifically Spain. The colossal project would create more than 200,000 jobs, attract between 15 and 18.8 billion euros worth of investments up until 2022, and generate more than €15 billion from tourism income over ten to fifteen years.
Two regions are in contention (3), Madrid and Catalonia. Their presidents have put their full support behind this project and have claimed (4) to be ready to do anything to win the EuroVegas ‘jackpot’.
In an interview, Esperanza Aguirre has stated her ‘duty’ to establish EuroVegas in Madrid: “It represents 200,000 long-term jobs once the project is over, not to mention all those created for its construction. The project does not please many people, especially people my age, who consider Las Vegas, gambling, casinos… as scandalous. But today’s Las Vegas has nothing in common with what it was 40 years ago. Besides gambling, Las Vegas hosts (5) conferences, the best singers, the best shows, the best theatres, and the best sports venues. It is just like an adults’ theme park.”


1. Link each of the words/expressions below with a word/expression in the column (as numbered in the text).
present (v)     competition      accommodate      multitude      declare
(1) myriad and multitude
(2) put forward and present
(3) contention and competition
(4) claim and declare
(5) host and accommodate



2.1. Choose the best option.
a) EuroVegas is meant to be even larger than its American and Asian counterparts.
b) This colossal project would take between ten and fifteen years to be completely finished.
c) Sheldon Adelson will create a similar project in Macao and Singapore before this one in Spain.
d) Spain could obtain around thirty billion euros before 2030 if EuroVegas is built here.
2.2. Choose the best option.
a) E. Aguirre has declared that EuroVegas will bring scandals, but also thousands of jobs and a lot of money.
b) E. Aguirre wants EuroVegas for Madrid because of the hundreds of thousands of jobs that it can bring, during and after its completion.
c) E. Aguirre claims that EuroVegas will only host conferences and different types of shows, but no casinos.
d) E. Aguirre considers EuroVegas as an adult theme park, but there will be no gambling within its limits.

3. Complete the sentences using information from the text. Do not reproduce phrases from the text literally, unless this is unavoidable. (Sample answers)

4. Complete each gap with one or more adequate words.
Depending on whom (a) you ask, it could be a heaven-sent or a deal with the devil. Adelson’s dream to build Europe's first (b) Las Vegas-style resort in Spain would certainly bring relief to an economy about to fall into (c) another recession and struggling with sky-high unemployment. But/Mr (d) Adelson wants Spanish laws to be (e) bent so that gamblers can smoke inside the casinos, and new regulations allowing him to (f) send buildings soaring above the skyline...

5. What is Sheldon Adelson famous for? You are expected to draw information from the text, but please use your own words. (25-50 words) 
(Sample answer)

6. Do you think EuroVegas will be good for Spain, in the long run? Please, use your own ideas and your own words. (25-50 words)
(Sample answer)


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