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Technology addict
Technology surrounds us wherever we go, and we are in constant contact with all sorts of devices without thinking twice about their usage. This could not be truer for cell phones and how we use them in society today. Within the last decade or so, the prevalence of mobile phone ownership and usage has skyrocketed. Today, it is no longer the calls that are taking up a person's time, but the innumerable text messages being sent throughout the day.
So how much is too much? When does "texting" go from harmless to excessive and possibly become a compulsive addiction? One could make the argument that thousands of people die in this country every year because of alcoholism, that texting is not killing people or destroying families, and is only trivializing addiction. However, texting is truly capable of disrupting one's life although not as overtly as other classical intoxicant addictions.
First of all it's important to know why people can become addicted. There are three primary motives behind addictive behaviour, escape (a way for a person to reduce awareness of surroundings, anxiety, or pain), compensation (a sense of control over a situation, oneself, or another), and ritual (the predictability, effortlessness, and instant gratification of the act). When applying this to the concept of texting addiction, one can argue that by utilizing the SMS (texting) feature on a phone, a person is able to ignore or disengage from their environment at varying levels (escape); they have the ability to control when, where, what, and who they text (compensation); and may text freely throughout the day according to their habits (ritual).
The models for chemical substance abuse can be applied to the concept of texting addiction because this is also a disorder, like pathological gambling, regarding impulse control, so in all three cases the person can't control his willpower that is why his behaviour becomes addictive although we all agree the risks in the three cases are not the same for someone's health or mind.


1. Comprehension exercises

1.a. According to the text
1.b. According to the text
1.c. Little by little, more and more mobile phones are being used, especially along the last 10 years.
(Answer "True" or "False" AND write the sentence supporting this idea)
1.d. Texting can break up somebody's life however not in the same way as some other addictions, because texting is less evident.
(Answer "True" or "False" AND write the sentence supporting this idea)


2. Do the following grammar exercises according to the instructions given

2.a. Write a second clause using "although"
The weather was not very good. We enjoyed our holiday.
2.b. Finish the sentence starting by "I wish"
2.c. Write the second sentence into the passive voice
They were growing vegetables in their garden.
2.d. Write the appropriate verb form of the verb in brackets
  • I'll join the gym as long as it (not to cost) doesn't cost too much.


3. Identify ONLY FOUR words from their definitions


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