Voters split over nuclear power

Voters split over nuclear power
Almost half of Britons say no new nuclear power stations should be built in the UK, according to a The Guardian poll which comes as ministers consider whether to restart Britain's controversial atomic power programme to meet growing energy demand. The poll finds that neither the pro- nor anti-nuclear lobby can rely on a clear majority of public support.
A review of Britain's energy policies was announced by Tony Blair last month and a report is expected in the summer. Sir David King, the government's chief scientific adviser, told the Commons environmental committee last month: "I do not think that any government could proceed with nuclear new build if there was a sense in which this was unacceptable to the public. Taking the public along is absolutely essential."
The government's decision to look at nuclear energy marks a shift in position from that outlined in a white paper two years ago, which said: "Current economics make it an unattractive option for new, carbon-free generating capacity and there are also important issues of nuclear waste to be resolved."
The Guardian interviewed 1,004 adults aged 18-plus by telephone between 15 and 18 December 2005.


1. Read the text and, according to it, answer the questions. Use your own words.
a) What is the reason for a review of Britain's energy policies?
b) Why is the result of this poll so important?
c) What did economics suggest about energy in the past?

2. Transform or complete the following sentences according to the instructions.

a) Transform into reported speech: "There are important issues of nuclear waste to be resolved." Begin: A white paper said
b) Write a question to which the underlined words are the answer:
A report is expected in the summer.
c) Join the following two sentences by means of relative pronoun:
Tony Blair announced a  review of Britain's energy policies. He is the Prime Minister of the British Government.
d) Transform into passive: The Guardian interviewed 1,004 adults.

3. Find synonym in the text for each of the words below.


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