A woman bullfighter

Cristina Sanchez, bullfighter woman
When Cristina Sanchez told her parents that she wanted to be a bullfighter, they were not to pleased. Her father said that bullfighting was a hard enough world for a man and twice as bad for a woman. “Dad was right”, she explains. You start with the door shut in your face.” Cristina started on the professional circuit only years ago. After outstanding performances in Latin America and Spain earlier this year, Sanchez decided that she was ready to become a professional bullfighter. She is now the first woman in Spain to have reached the top of an all-male profession.
On the day of the fight she eats a light early lunch and rests before dressing for the bullfight. The worst of the job these days, Sanchez says, is the sense that all eyes are expectantly looking at her: “It’s as if I’m walking round carrying a flag which says ‘woman bullfighter’.” She is clear, in any case, that precisel what seems most frightening, facing a 450kg fighting bull, is the best part of her profession: “Once the two of you are out there, it all depends on how good you are your art. The bull doesn’t care what sex you are or how much you’re getting paid.”

1) Is Cristina a typical bullfighter? Why?
2) What did Cristina find frustrating about bullfighting at the beginning of the career?
3) What does she feel when she faces the bull?

4) Find one synonym in the text for CLOSED.
5) Find one synonym in the text for TERRIFYING.
6) Find one opposite in the text for HEAVY.
7) Give one synonym of READY (line 5).

8) Put the following sentence into the passive voice:
On the day of the corrida, people watch her expectantly.
9) Put the following sentence into reported speech:
Her parents asked her: “Why do you want to become a bullfighter?”
10) Join the following sentences in an appropriate way. Make changes if necessary (do not use AND):
Her family were not too pleased. They accepted her decision to become a bullfighter.
11) Complete the following sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.
If she (NOT GIVE) outstanding performances in Latin America, she (NOT BECOME) a bullfighter.

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