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Cover of Journey of Hope - The Story of Irish Immigration to America
By Kerby Miller - Ed. Chronicle Books 
My great-grandfather was born in Ireland in 1842. His father was a fisherman who died at sea. That's all I know about this period of his life. When he was nineteen, he and his older brother made their way to the United States. I often think about what he left behind in Ireland during the country's worst famine; I am sure that there was poverty all around them. If his family survived, there is no historical record. It must have been a hard journey across the ocean leaving his mother, brothers and sisters, perhaps forever. It is the tears of the immigrants that made the green fields of the USA.
My Irish ancestor somehow managed to work long and hard enough to buy a small farm in rural Indiana. He married a girl in Illinois, eventually raising ten children. He became active in rural township politics and proudly became an American citizen.
Furthermore, four of his children graduated at High School, which was a success for the time. However, there were many difficult times in these new surroundings, such as poor crops, freezing winters and droughts. Through it all, he and his family survived life's difficulties, don't know if he ever returned to Ireland or what became of his brother. His is just one of a million stories of immigrants who came to America following the dream of a better way of life. I am grateful that he made the journey.

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