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Graveyard of Whitby AbbeyThe residents of a North Yorkshire town are stocking up with garlic and crucifixes after a real-life Dracula announced plans to move to the small seaside village where his literary ancestor arrived in a wooden coffin in Bram Stoker’s classic novel. Vlad Dracula Prince Kretzulesco, the last living member of the clan, is considering settling in Whitby.
He currently lives in Castle Dracula, in eastern Germany. But Prince Kretzulesco indicated he would be delighted to return to the town where the terrifying legend began. He said: “To visit the place where Mr Stoker wrote the book would be wonderful. I know a little of Whitby and my family’s connection with the town, and if I were welcome, maybe I could go there and look for a place to live.”
Prince Kretzulesco, an antique dealer, is anxious to leave Germany after numerous attacks and death threats from neo-Nazis. He said: “The British are good to foreigners and have liberal attitudes –no matter if you are black, green or lilac. If anyone offered me their castle, I would jump at the opportunity.” Craig Collier-Huckins from Whitby’s Dracula Society said: “It would be wonderful to have him here and we would welcome him with open arms.”

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