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Tower of London raven claw
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Ghosts are said to appear in James’s home repeatedly, but he hasn’t seen one yet. “People have died here,” says the 15-year-old boy from London. James’s father is a guard at the Tower of London, a former castle, prison, and execution place that was built in 1066 by William the Conqueror. And his family lives there!Today the Tower serves as a tourist attraction as well as a home to the guards and their families. The Tower is most famous for the prisoners who lost their lives there —and who supposedly still appear on the Tower grounds. At just 16, Lady Jane Grey was dethroned in 1553 after only a nine-day reign, and then her head was cut off by the new queen. In 1483 two young princes named Edward and Richard mysteriously disappeared. Almost 200 years later bones of two children were found near the White Tower.
The Tower of London is not just home to ghost stories and bloody legends. There are large birds called ravens living there. Despite looking a bit frightening, the ravens are an important part of the Tower’s legends. “If the ravens leave the Tower,” says James, “then the White Tower—and the monarchy—will disintegrate.” But while the ravens are real, James still isn’t convinced ghosts live in the Tower.

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