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Manga Japanese girlJapan’s Princess Sayako has lost her royal status after she married commoner Yoshiki Kuroda, in a ceremony in Tokyo. Wearing a Western-style white dress and pearls, because she could not exhibit the imperial kimono, the Princess sipped sake rice wine with her bureaucrat husband. Marriage to Mr Kuroda means Princess Sayako loses her title and will have to adjust to a new lifestyle. The ceremony, which took place in Tokyo's stylish Imperial Hotel, was an informal affair by royal standards.
The Princess had said her formal farewells to the regal family at the previous weekend. She is Emperor Akihito's only daughter and becomes the first princess to abandon her title in 45 years. Sayako Kuroda, as she will now be known, told a press conference that her mother and father had told her that her family relationships were unchanged.
To prepare for her dramatic change of lifestyle, ex-Princess Sayako has reportedly been taking driving lessons and practising shopping at the supermarket.
Princess Sayako will lose the dowry she receives for being part of the royal family, but this is eased by a $1.2million payment from the state.The Japanese royal household currently faces a succession crisis, with no male heir born in 40 years. There are moves under way to change the law to let women ascend the throne.

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