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Surprised postmanPeter works as a postman in Springfield, Illinois. One day, when he got to Susan’s house, she was waiting for him at the entrance because she had a story to tell him.
About six months earlier, it seems that he had delivered a letter to her which had her street number on it, but was addressed to another house with the same number on a different street in the neighbourhood. As she was going out for a walk, she decided to drop off the letter at the correct house. It turned out that the letter was addressed to Robert, a young man who happened to be single. They talked for a little while, and some time later, he called her and they started dating.
Peter was embarrassed about his mistake, but he was pleased because he had brought these nice people together. The following spring, there was a “For Sale” sign in Susan’s garden, and then the wedding invitations were sent out. Soon after the house was sold, the wedding took place and Susan moved into Robert’s house.

A few months later, Peter saw a “For Sale” sign in their garden. He feared the marriage might be in trouble, therefore, he made up an excuse to go to their door and check on them. Susan opened the door, smiled broadly and pointed to her huge stomach. “We’re having twins,” she said. “This house won’t be big enough, so we have to move.” As Peter was leaving, he was suddenly overwhelmed by the thought that his wrongly delivered letter was giving two little yet-to-be-born people the opportunity to come to life. It was sublime.

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