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New clothes which make people invisible to camerasCelebrities may finally have a way to defend themselves against unwanted street photographers' cameras thanks to a clever new clothes collection which is designed to ruin any images taken using flash photography.
DJ Chris Holmes has invented the Flashback Collection, an anti-paparazzi type of clothing that reflects the light from a camera's flash, creating a hopefully useless image which completely hides the wearer's face.
The collection includes a hooded jacket, a scarf, and a coat that look like everyday pieces, but essentially act as a mirror when hit with bright light, making the wearer practically invisible in flash photography. Holmes has asked for suggestions for additions to the line in the comments section of the product’s web-page.
Mr. Holmes, who works with Paul McCartney, said that he was inspired to create the collection after he realised the reflective clothes he wears when he is on stage were spoiling the pictures. "While I wasn't happy that many of my photos were ruined, it gave me the idea that, perhaps, I could use this technology to design clothes which could make photos worthless-perfect for those who don't want their picture taken." he wrote.
He developed his product for a competition on new ideas called "Think Tank", which allows people to decide which items deserve to be funded and produced. These clothes are currently unavailable for buying, but fans have 20 more days to vote for them on the Think Tank website in the hope that they will eventually be sold in shops.
One person who will no doubt be delighted to see the concept turned into a reality is model Cara Delevingne, who is well-known for being one of the most photographed women in the world. In November, the model was actually seen wearing a reflective silver jacket made especially for her. The jacket was given to the star in order to test whether it actually worked when facing some of the world's most persistent celebrity photographers.



I.- Answer questions 1-4 according to the information given in the text. 
1. What are these clothes like compared to everyday clothes?
2. What gave Chris Holmes the idea for this new line of clothes?
3. Who did Chris Holmes design these clothes for?
4. Why did Cara Delevingne wear one of these jackets last November?

II.- Are these statements True or False?
Justify your answers based on information from the text, rewriting the original sentences in your own words or quoting properly. (2 marks)
1. Chris Holmes' clothes are currently being sold on his website.
2. Cara Delevingne won't be happy to see these clothes produced.

III.- Find the words or expressions in the text that mean (1 mark)


IV.- Write a composition of about 130 words on  one of these topics. Specify your option. (3 marks)
  • 1.  “ Celebrities should be able to stop paparazzi from taking photos.” Discuss.
  • 2. Do you think that nowadays people without any special talents become celebrities? Write an opinion essay about this topic.


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