Examen FP Grado Superior 2014 - Vegetarian UK

Vegetarian UK - eat right
Vegetarianism is increasing in the UK. A recent survey estimated that there are over 3 million vegetarians in the UK today. Vegetarians (people who don’t eat meat), and vegans (people who don’t eat or use any animal products) are becoming increasingly common in UK culture. Visit a British supermarket and you will see a wide range of vegetarian products and prepared meals including vegan cheese, vegetarian sausages and burgers.
So why are more and more British people changing to a meat-free diet? Many people do not eat meat or animal products for ethical reasons. They are unhappy about the cruel treatment of the animals and the effects of meat and fish production on the environment. People can also be worried about food safety (for example ‘mad cow disease’). Others change to improve their general health. According to the Vegetarian Society, a meat-free diet could help reduce the risk of certain cancers and the possibility of heart disease, as well as other health problems such as obesity and high blood pressure.
Another rising trend in the UK’s food culture is related to how our food is produced. Many people reject GM (genetically modified) food. They want their food to be organically produced. Organic food is produced in a more 'natural' way. Organic farmers use very few or no chemicals, pesticides or fertilisers. Organic meat is produced without the use of drugs and antibiotics. Although it’s often more expensive, fans of organic food say it tastes much better!

Vocabulary: trend = tendency

Read the instructions for each question carefully before answering (Total score:10 points)

1. Answer the following questions. Write complete sentences. (1 point each = 2 points)
  • a) What are the three basic reasons why people decide to change to a vegetarian or vegan diet?
  • b) What is the difference between a vegetarian and a vegan? Give an example of food that is accepted by one of the two diets but not by the other.

2. Underline the best option (0.5 points each = 1 point)
a) Vegetarians…
  • 1. eat organic meat.
  • 2. have a meat-free diet.
  • 3. do not eat any animal products.
b) If you go to a British supermarket you will see…
  • 1. few vegetarian products.
  • 2. a poor variety of vegetarian products.
  • 3. a great variety of vegetarian products.

3. Are the following sentences true or false? Underline the correct option (0.5 points each = 1 point)
  • a) Vegan cheese does not have milk. TRUE / FALSE
  • b) A rising trend in the UK’s food culture is the taste of GM food and organic food. TRUE / FALSE

4. Find a synonym in the text for these words (0.5 points each = 1 point)
  • a) illness: 
  • b) become better:

5. Choose one of the following topics and write a text 60-80 words long (5 points)
  • a) Write about your eating habits. Do you have a balanced diet?
  • b) What is your opinion about vegetarianism?



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