Examen FP Grado Superior 2013 - Technology is eating my family

Technology is eating my family
I once wrote the article “Technology ate my marriage”. Since the introduction of the Internet, mobile phone and PC, my wife and I spent less and less time in face-to-face contact. Now, things have become worse. Technology is eating my family –myself included. Virtual space is eating physical space.
I asked my daughter not to ask for a tablet for Christmas. I knew very well what would happen. Since 25 December, she has spent 20% of her free time completely out of Earth contact. Computer games are now her principal family. My son sent me once an sms from his bedroom to ask for a cup of tea.
I cannot simply watch a film on TV together with my wife. She is tweeting simultaneously and she spends more time with her eyes on the computer than on the TV. Until I insisted she stopped, she used to take her computer to bed and surf while I was trying to get asleep.
I thought I was the exception to this virtualisation of family life, but I have gradually changed. Now I access my computer to check my tweets. I suffer from “tweet incontinence”. In the evenings, I often play Scrabble* online with a friend when I used to play real Scrabble with my wife.
The web has made the world more interesting. Too interesting. Real life, real people, real members of the family are monotonous and problematic in comparison. However, they have a unique advantage: they are real!
Adapted from article written by Tim Lott. 
*Scrabble: game in which you score points forming words.


Read the instructions for each question carefully before answering (Total score:10 points)
1. Answer the following questions. Write complete sentences. (1 point each = 2 points)
  • a) Why does the author of the article think that technology is eating his family?
  • b) Who was the last member of the family to become technology-dependent? What does he usually do?

2. Underline the best option (0.5 points each = 1 point)
a) The writer feels…
  • 1. happy because his family is interested in the world of technology.
  • 2. worried because his family spends less time in face to face contact.
  • 3. bored because his family is monotonous and problematic.
b) When the writer says: “The Web has made the world more interesting. too interesting”, he means that:
  • 1. the Internet can have a negative impact on his family life.
  • 2. the Web makes his family life more interesting.
  • 3. he prefers the internet than real life.

3. Find a synonym in the text for these words (0.5 points each = 1 point)
  • a) boring: 
  • b) not better:

4. Are the following sentences true or false? Underline the correct option (0.5 points each = 1 point)
  • a) Now, her wife is taking the computer to bed when they go to sleep. TRUE / FALSE
  • b) Since Christmas, her daughter spends most of her free time playing games on her tablet. TRUE / FALSE

5. Choose one of the following topics and write a text 60-80 words long (5 points)
a) Write about the benefits and dangers of the Internet.
b) Write about your family life.


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