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Just one in four primary school pupils are allowed to walk home alone

Free Range Kids: The decline of children's right to roam
Primary school children in England have lost much of their freedom to get about without adult supervision over the last four decades, according to a report published today. British children also have far less time to get about alone when compared to German children of the same age.
Ben Watson, research fellow at the Institute, and one of the authors of the report, said: "Independent mobility has been shown to be good for children's wellbeing and development. The experience from Germany shows that this drop is not an inevitable result of modern life. If we care about the future health of our children, action should be taken to enable them to regain the right to a safe outdoor environment without the need for adult supervision."
Campaigning group Sustrans has recently launched a campaign for 'Free Range Kids' to make it easier for children to travel independently, play outdoors and explore their local community, and have the skills and opportunities to do so safely. Chief executive Malcolm Shepherd said: "Parents don't feel that their local streets are safe. We urgently need to make our communities safer if we are to get kids active by walking and cycling to school and playing outdoors. Parents want to see safer streets."
Children were asked whether they were allowed to cross main roads alone, use buses and bicycles without an adult, come home from school alone, travel to other places on their own or with friends, and to go out after dark alone.
Adapted from The Daily Telegraph January 2013



Question 1: [2 POINTS] Indicate whether the following statements are true or false and write down which part of the text justifies your answer.
a) German children have more time to themselves to travel independently than British children.
b) According to Ben Watson getting about is good for children´s health.
c) According to Malcolm Shepherd communities are not secure enough for children to be out alone.
d) Children were not questioned about what they were allowed to do.
b) What has the 'Free Range kids' campaign given to children?

Question 3: [1,5 POINTS] Find words or phrases in the text that correspond to the words and definitions given.

Question 4: [1,5 POINTS] Complete the following sentences without changing the meaning.


Question 5: [3 POINTS] Write a short essay (about 120-150 words) on the following topic:
– Is it important for young people to have their own independence? Give reasons.


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