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Spanish school is good for your kidsStudies have shown there are significant long term benefits to moving a child abroad and the younger the children are, the easier it will be for them to adapt to school in Spain.
Researchers from University College London conducted a study in 2004 which revealed that children who had moved abroad and learned a second language were more intelligent. A further study showed that children who had lived abroad had higher levels of resilience, a better understanding of the world and were more compassionate to people of different ethnicities. In simple terms, living abroad can increase both the intelligence and social capacity of a child.
Psychologists have found that the best age to move a child is either before the age of two or between the ages of six and eight. Between three and six, children seem to suffer a great deal of homesickness and after the age of eight they tend to struggle far more with the language barrier.
The number of foreigners in Spain is continually rising. Kids are surprisingly resilient and adapt quickly to their new lives. Those who have made the move often say that the quality of life for their children is far better in Spain than at home, due to more leisure time, an outdoors lifestyle and less crime.
Adapted from an Article by Jennifer Sheen from Spanish June 2011.



Question 1: [2 POINTS] Indicate whether the following statements are true or false and write down which part of the text justifies your answer.
a) It is better to move abroad when your children are very young.
b) The optimum age for moving children to a foreign country is when they are nine.
c) The numbers of foreign people coming to Spain is gradually falling.
d) British people that move to Spain say that the quality of life for their children in Spain is worse
than the quality of life for their children in the U.K.

Question 2: [2 POINTS] Answer the following questions in your own words according to the text.
a) What benefits to children that move abroad have the studies shown?
b) What are the main differences between living in the U.K. and living in Spain?

Question 3: [1,5 POINTS] Find words or phrases in the text that correspond to the words and definitions given.

Question 4: [1,5 POINTS] Complete the following sentences without changing the meaning.
a) They will delay the rescue because of the heavy rain.
b) “Don’t smoke in the waiting room, please” the nurse told the patients.
c) “Will you be home before nine tonight?” my mother asked me.


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