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Tipping USA
As part of your English course you are planning to go to The United States of America this year. You are looking for some information about travelling to the USA in the edupass web site.


Restaurants do not include a service charge in the bill, so you should tip the waiter 15% of the total bill. If service was slow or particularly bad, some Americans will tip only 10%. Likewise, if service was particularly good, it is appropriate to tip 20%. If service was so bad that you would never eat in the restaurant again, leave two cents. This is a deliberate insult, because it tells the waiter that you didn't forget to leave a tip. Tipping is only appropriate in restaurants which offer table service. You do not tip the cashier in a fast food restaurant.
Taxi drivers expect to get a tip equal to 15% of the total fare. If the driver was especially helpful or got you to your destination more quickly than you expected, give a 20% tip. Hotel bellhops expect a $1 tip for helping you with your bags. If you order room service, the gratuity is included in the bill. Coat checkroom attendants expect $1 per coat. Hairdressers and barbers expect a tip of 15% of the bill. Valet parking attendants expect a $1 tip.

Gift Giving

If you are invited to a wedding, baby shower, or other celebration, it is expected that you will bring a gift. Unless you know the host very well, the gift should be modest in value, about $25.
For a wedding, the bride will have "registered" at one or two local department stores, indicating the items and styling she prefers. You can buy the couple a gift that isn't listed, but most people buy something listed on the registry. If you buy an item listed on the registry, be sure to tell the store that you are doing this, so that the couple doesn't receive duplicate gifts.
If you wish to give a gift when you leave to return to your home country, the best gift is something that is unique to your country. It does not need to be especially valuable or rare, just reminiscent of your home. Possibilities include a book about your country, an inexpensive handicraft or piece of art, or something else that reflects your culture. If the children collect coins and stamps, they would be very pleased with a set of your country's coins or a selection of mint stamps from your country. Items that are common in your country but difficult to find in the United States are also good.
When giving gifts to a business acquaintance, do not give anything of a personal nature, especially to a woman. Do not give cosmetics. A scarf is ok, but other types of clothing are not. Something appropriate for the office is best. But gift giving is not as important in America as it is in other countries, so there is nothing wrong with not giving a gift.


Read the texts and choose the correct answer (a, b or c) to complete each statement or question. Write your answers in the space provided as in the example (0)
Example: 0.
In America it is recommended to give a tip.......of the total bill.
If you tip only 2 cents it means …
a. the service was terrible
b. you have no more
c. you’ll leave more next time
At a fast food restaurant you …
a. don’t leave any tips
b. tip only 2 cents
c. tip if the cashier was kind
Taxi drivers will expect a 20% tip if …
a. it is a long journey
b. you arrived earlier than expected
c. you have a lot of luggage
Which of these professionals will expect a $1 tip?..............
a. Barbers
b. Hairdressers
c. Parking attendants
If you are invited to a wedding in America, you should give …
a. an expensive present
b. a present of around $25
c. no present at all
If the couple have ‘registered’ at a department store, you …
a. can buy a present that´s not on the list
b. have to choose a present from the list
c. have to ask the couple first
If you’ve stayed with an American family and want to thank them on your return, the best thing to give them is …
a. something related to your culture
b. something related to their hobbies
c. something from your country but expensive
When giving a present to a business woman, a good idea is a …
a. handbag
b. perfume
c. scarf


a a b c b a a c


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