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The Jane Austen Centre
Welcome to Jane Austen Centre. The focus of this exhibition is Jane Austen’s five years living and socialising in Bath – the places she lived in and visited. We hope you enjoy your visit.
The Jane Austen Centre in Bath at No. 40 Gay Street is a house very similar to No. 25, where Jane Austen lived for a few months following her father’s death. These Georgian town houses in Gay Street were built between 1735 and 1760.
The houses are alike in design, although this house had a large extension added, during the 20th century, which covers the whole of the garden. It is in this space that the permanent exhibition is placed.
Within the exhibition are displayed a number of hand-made reproduction period costumes, which have been created using authentic fabrics, in colours contemporary with the period.
Refresh yourself during and after your visit at our Tea Rooms and enjoy a pot of real leaf tea, some home-made cakes or a delicious light snack.
The Centre Giftshop is a treasure of Jane Austen – related gifts, some specially designed for, exclusive to, the Centre. There is a range of writing paper, pens, post cards and high-quality reproduction cards. We have a comprehensive stock of books about Jane Austen, her life, her family and times.



0. The Centre offers an exhibition of … 
a) British writers.
b) Jane Austen. √
c) writers in Bath.

1. Jane Austen lived in … 
a) one house in Gay Street.
b) two different houses √
c) with her father

2. You can visit the exhibition … 
a) in both houses.
b) in one of the houses. √
c) temporarily in the garden.

3. The clothes you can see are … 
a) made in a factory.
b) specially made. √
c) the real ones.

4. Inside the Centre you … 
a) can have both a drink and a meal. √
b) must go out for a drink.
c) you cannot eat.

5. Some presents related to Jane Austen in the Giftshop are …
a) authentic.
b) not found in any other shops. √
c) related to writers.

6. This information comes from … 
a) a brochure for tourists. √
b) a novel.
c) an encyclopaedia.


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