Romeo and Juliet in Turkey- PAU 1996

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Romeo and Juliet in TurkeyThe story of 13-year-old schoolgirl Sarah Cook began as a typical holiday romance, two teenagers on a Mediterranean beach. The holiday came to an end, but the romance didn't. There were long, tearful telephone calls. There was desperate pestering, until Sarah's parents agreed to fly back to Turkey with her. Weeks later, Sarah and Musa, her Turkish boyfriend, were married in a Muslim ceremony attended by their parents.
Though it is illegal in Turkey, marriages of girls as young as 12 are common in rural areas, where families are large, and the dowry paid by a husband to his bride's relatives is desperately needed. Elsewhere in the world, child marriages are common. However, perhaps because of publicity, Musa is now in prison in Turkey facing a possible 5-year sentence for rape, and Sarah is threatening to go on hunger strike if she is sent to Britain.
Turkish papers have opposed the British government's demands for Sarah's return. For many people there, it is a Romeo-and-Juliet love affair, the youthful protagonists divided not by a family quarrel but by different cultures, East against West, Islam against Christianity. Turks cannot understand how a society which offers methods of contraception to teenagers can be outraged by a young couple who marry in a religious ceremony with their parents' agreement. Supporters of the couple have placed a bouquet of carnations at the British consulate in Istanbul with the message: "Tolerance for Love", urging that Sarah should be allowed to stay in Turkey.



1.- In your own words and based on the ideas in the text, answer these questions.
      (Be careful with the grammar. Write precise answers).
A)    How did the Turkish authorities react to the wedding of Sarah and Musa? PAR.2
B)    How did Britain react to the news of the wedding? PAR.3
2. - Are the following sentences TRUE or FALSE? Give the evidence from the text.
      NO marks are given for only TRUE or FALSE.
A)    The English girl's parents permitted their daughter to marry.
B)    In Turkey, many people did not see anything wrong with this wedding.


3.- Find in the text words, which means the same as the following words or phrases.
A)    insistence (paragraph 1) > pestering
B)    money given to the woman's family when she marries (paragraph 2) > dowry
C)    a disagreement (paragraph 3) > quarrel
D)    demanding (paragraph 3) > urging
4.- Rewrite sentences a) and b), starting with the words given.
A)    Musa is in prison facing a possible 5-year sentence for rape.
B)    Supporters of the couple say that Sarah should be allowed to stay in Turkey.
4.- In c) and d), write one word in each space:
C)    Sarah is a schoolgirl who married a boy when she was only thirteen.
D)    Marrying at the age of 13 is illegal, however / nevertheless it happens.


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