Importance of sport in children's lives

Happy girl's football teamNo person can be healthy without physical activity. Everybody knows that but still many people don't do sports at all. They start doing something only when they get in trouble with their health or weight. Sports are nothing but good for the children. It provides environment where your children can learn important lessons that they can use in their grown up lives. They learn to work hard in order to win. They learn how to cope with life being unfair and how to continue after failing.
When they are very young, sports should be fun. If this is the impression that they get from doing some sport, they will love it and want to do it. They learn to listen, to stay concentrated, to pick up the rules and many things that help them grow into mentally healthier persons.
Emotional development is a very important thing that sport can help with, when we speak about children. They learn how to cope with winning, losing, with unfairness or simply how to take setbacks in significant progress and trying their best next time.
Team sports are good for socializing, and even more important, for teamwork. There is no better place and way to teach the children what is like to be part of the team and not to think just about themselves. If child wants to win, he or she must help others to do their part of the job in order for all of them to be successful. This lesson is priceless.
Parents should, definitely encourage their children to enjoy some sport and let them try different kinds until they find what they like and what they will enjoy to go to. Their children will become happier children because of the fact that they are having a lot of fun.

1. Comprehension exercises

1.a. Children
1.b. According to the text
1.c. Children develop better their emotions helped by practicing sport activities.
(Answer "True" or "False" AND write the sentence supporting this idea)
1.d. Children become mentally healthier persons when they take lessons from sport.
(Answer "True" or "False" AND write the sentence supporting this idea)

2. Do the following grammar exercises according to the instructions given

2.a. Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first one, using an expression with "rather"
I would prefer to do my homework now.
2.b. Turn the two sentences into a conditional clause
When I earn more money I would like to visit China.
2.c. Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first one
It is not necessary for him to come to the meeting. We'll send him an e-mail about it.
2.d. Write the appropriate verb form of the verb in brackets
  • When I was a child I used to have breakfast early in the morning but now I am used to having it rather late.

    3. Identify ONLY FOUR words from their definitions

    • adult: grown up
    • not succeeding: failing
    • deal successfully with a difficult situation: cope
    • spending the time when you are not working with friends or with other people in order to enjoy yourself: socializing
    • describes an object which has such a high value, especially because it is rare, that the money you can pay for it cannot be calculated: priceless
    • reverse, something that happens which delays or prevents a process from advancing: setback


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