Ghost photographed: proof or fake? PAU 2011 inglés CyL

Ghost photographed at Tantallon Castle in Scotland
Speculation over the presence of a ghost at Tantallon Castle in Scotland was aroused by a picture released as part of an experiment into the photographic evidence of the paranormal. The image, taken in May 2010, appeared to show a figure in medieval costume. The photographer claimed that they were unaware of anyone present at the time the image was taken, and that there were no actors in costume at the castle.
Now another image which could show the same ghost has been presented to psychologist Richard Wiseman, who has been running the study. It was taken 30 years ago by Grace Lamb, during a family trip to the castle. It is a picture of her husband and their children but in the background appears to be some kind of apparition. "I have been getting a picture of a ghost every ten minutes since I launched the study. Most of them are nonsense, but a few are interesting", Professor Wiseman said.
Experts admit that these two images don’t seem to have been digitally altered. The face, however, may be just another visitor; and it was also suggested the image could have been caused by light reflection off the stone walls of the castle.

A. Answer the following question using your own words. (10 to 20 words)
Why has a ghost been believed to inhabit Tantallon Castle?

B. Is the following statement true or false? Indicate the line(s) in the text supporting your choice.
Experts are sure that the pictures have been digitally altered. 

C. Choose a, b or c in each question below. Only one choice is correct.
C1. Professor Wiseman…
C2. The oldest of the two pictures was taken …
C3. The walls of Tantallon Castle…

a) Combine into one sentence containing a relative clause: 
“Richard Wiseman is running this research on the paranormal. I don’t trust his methods.”
b) Transform into reported speech:
“The face in the picture may be just another visitor.”
Begin with: “Skeptics conjectured that…”
c) Complete: “I will not believe in ghosts unless…”
d)Write a question for which the underlined words are the answer: 
“The image appeared to show a figure in medieval costume.”

Find one word in the text for each of the following meanings:
Find synonyms for each of the words below:


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