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Diamonds are the symbol of love, romance and weddings, and they are too expensive for most of us ―usually. However, now, if you want one you don’t have to spend so much money since, today, real diamonds can be grown in machines. In a factory in Florida, the process is overseen by Clark McEwen, manager of Gemesis Corporation. "Basically what we do here is to recreate, or emulate, the process that occurs 100 miles below the earth's surface," McEwen says. A lump of coal is placed in the middle of what is essentially a very large pressure cooker. Under extreme heat and pressure, carbon atoms form a diamond crystal. The machine reaches 1,500º C, and the pressure on the core is 385,553 kilos per square inch ―that's equivalent to a hundred 3,628-kilo elephants standing on a coin. Once the machine is closed, nature takes over.
Four days later, a man-made diamond is inside. Optically, chemically and physically they're identical to a mine diamond.   
But diamond-making is not an exact science. Some turn out beautiful. Others don’t. McEwen says there is a misconception that every one of the man-made diamonds is perfect. That's not the case. "Just like in nature, each one of these grows individually and has its own unique characteristics." After coming out of the machine, the rough diamonds are graded and sent to be made into what many women want for Valentine's Day.
As regards price, a one-carat yellow diamond from nature costs about $20,000 and a man-made one costs about $6,000. The Gemesis Corporation has its name inscripted on all of its diamonds so buyers know they are man-made.



1.- Are the following statements TRUE or FALSE? Copy the evidence from the text. No marks are given for only TRUE or FALSE.
b) Gemesis diamonds are cheaper than those found in mines.

2.- In your own words and based on the ideas in the text, answer the following questions. Do not copy from the text.
a) Why is Clark McEwen mentioned in the text?

4.- Complete the following sentences. Use the appropriate form of the word in brackets when given.
  • a) A diamond is the hardest  (hard) natural substance on earth.
  • b) If a diamond is heated to about 700º C, it vanishes (vanish), without leaving (leave) any ash.
  • c) During the 15th century, it was discovered (discover) that diamonds should / must only be cut with other diamonds.
  • d) At the beginning of the 20th century, a prominent scientist, who was born in 1854, spent a considerable part of his / her fortune trying to produce diamonds.


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