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Turning education upside down - Flipped schoolThree years ago, Clintondale High School became a “flipped school,” one where students watch teachers’ lectures at home and do what we’d otherwise call “homework” in class. Teachers record video lessons, which students watch on their smartphones, home computers or at lunch in the school’s tech lab. In class, they do projects, exercises or lab experiments while the teacher circulates.
Now flipped classrooms are popping up all over. Havana High School (Illinois) is flipping, too, after the school superintendent visited Clintondale. The principal of Clintondale says that some 200 school
officials have visited them.
It’s well known by now that online education is booming. You can study any subject free in a massive open online course. Courses are being offered by universities like Harvard and by the teenager next door making videos in his garage. But while online courses can make high-quality education available to anyone with an Internet connection, they also have the potential to displace humans, with all that implies for teachers and students.
Like everything innovative, online education is highly controversial. But the flipped classroom is a strategy that nearly everyone agrees on. “It’s the only thing I write about as having broad positive agreement,” said Justin Reich, from Harvard University.
Flipping is still in the early stages, with much experimentation about how to do it right. Flipping’s track record in schools, while impressive, is anecdotal and short. But many people are holding it up as a potential model of how to use technology to humanize the classroom.

Adapted from an article by T. Rosenberg, The New York Times,October 2013



I. Answer the following questions using your own words but taking into account the information in the text.

  • a. What is a flipped school? PAR 1
  • b. What are some of the advantages of online courses? PAR 3

II. Are the following statements true (T) or false (F)? Identify the part of the text that supports your answer by copying the exact passage on the ans wer sheet.

a. Officials from other schools have shown an interest in Clintondale High School.
b. Online education is becoming increasingly popular.
c. Online courses are only offered by highly qualified institutions.


III. Find a synonym for each of the four definitions below from these six options.

popping up       booming       available      displace     controversial      impressive

IV. Choose a, b, or c, in each question below. Only one choice is correct

1. In a flipped classroom...

2. According to the article...

3. Many people...


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