Sims 2

Sims 2
If Sims was the PC’s best-selling game of all time Sims 2, the sequel, will keep the millions of fans glued to their PC screens.
Sims 2 sees you take control of little people (Sims), controlling every aspect of their lives. You must feed them, wash them, boost their morale via activities and generally help them to become successful. The challenge comes in the form of balancing out their basic needs. Too much television may have a detrimental* effect. Similarly, they must learn new skills if they hope to get that promotion at work. Better jobs will lead to more money which in turn can be spent on luxuries (new beds, appliances, electronics and of course… a Jacuzzi!). These in turn will help to improve your Sim’s quality of life.
Graphically, Sims 2 is very attractive. Character appearances are presented handsomely and their movements are recreated smoothly. The facial expressions of your Sims are easily recognisable when interacting in conversations.
Sims 2 is unlikely to disappoint. It offers everything that made its predecessor so special with a huge variety of things to do. For those new to the Sims or the millions of fans who never got enough of it, Sims 2 will serve to ruin your social life for many more months to come.
Adapted from: Robert Wyse Jackson’s review of “Sims 2” Faze
*detrimental.- Causing harm or damage / Perjudicial.

Add True or False, quoting the relevant information from the text to justify your answer.
2. The good thing about Sims 2 is that the player learns how to be sensitive to the needs of these little people.
3. According to the text, playing this game is fun but it is not a good way to make new friends.

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