What I do for a living is unique: I teach people how to disappear- 2011

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missing person
What I do for a living is unique: I teach people how to disappear. My clients range from the paranoid to the extremely wealthy. Many people contact me thinking I’m going to provide them with a fake passport and a whole new identity, but only the government can do that. What I do is make people hard to track down using a three-step process: misinformation, disinformation and reformation. The first step means erasing available information on a person. The second, disinformation, means creating and spreading false clues about his whereabouts. I might take your debit card and have different people around the world make transactions so it looks like you’re living in different places.
The third step is reformation – getting the person I’m disappearing to a destination without anybody finding out. I’ll teach the client how to live a different life, open accounts abroad, use only prepaid phones and create complicated phone and email control systems. I have a partner and she helps me disappear people. We have a rigorous method. She goes over my tracks, seeing if she can find my client. We do that until she can’t find anything. I rarely hear from my clients ever again. Payment is in advance.
At the moment we’re working on one of the biggest cases we’ve ever handled. This is the gist: A Spanish billionaire who’s getting divorced claims he’s lost all his money, so he won’t pay his wife anything. My client is the wife. We’re pretty sure the husband still has the money; he’s just moving it around, making it look like he doesn’t. He is criminally connected, so she’s worried that if he’s forced to give her a large amount of money, he’ll try to have her murdered. So she can’t stay in Spain after the trial.


1. Write a summary of the text in English, including the most important points, using your own words whenever possible (maximum 50 words).

2. Find words or phrases in the text that correspond in meaning to the words and definitions given here.

  • a) Not genuine: fake
  • b) Lines or marks left by a person, animal or vehicle in passing: tracks
  • c) The central idea: gist
  • d) Practically certain: pretty sure

3. Complete the second sentence of each pair so that it has the same meaning as the first one.

4. Answer the following questions in your own words.


5. Where would you go if you wanted to disappear? Explain your choice. (Approximately 120 words).
I think that if I wanted to disappear I would go to a South American country like Argentina, perhaps. I would go there for several reasons. First, because they speak Spanish there, so I wouldn’t have any problems with the language. Secondly, in South America there are many people who originally came from Spain, so I wouldn’t have to change my appearance very much, as I would do if I went to China, for example. China might seem a good choice, too, because there are lots of Chinese people and it is an enormous country, but I would have to change my appearance quite a lot in order not to be noticed as a foreigner. And in the third place, I’d really like to see South America. I have a friend who went to Argentina on holiday with his parents last year, and he says it’s awesome.


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