Spain is a good country for a cheap holiday

Family holidays on the beach
Cheap holidays to Spain are available all throughout the cold period. To get the cheapest Spain holiday price possible, you'll be looking at a time outside of the peak periods - summer time, Christmas and Easter -, although you can still pick up a cheap Spain holiday in early May and late October when the temperatures aren't so hot. If you visit Spain outside the peak seasons you'll notice that drinks are considerably cheaper, but the price of food will stay at roughly the same price as it is in the United Kingdom, so it might help you get a cheap holiday if you book into half board accommodation.
May is a good time for a cheap Spain holiday if you're interested in checking out some of their festivals. The first of the month is the Spanish Labour Day which is celebrated all over the country. In Madrid between the 12th and 21st of the month the Fiesta de San Isidro takes place, with parties, parades, bull fights and dances all over the city.
In September the busy summer season is starting to come to an end and resorts become less crowded. It's a good time to visit Spain if you're looking for a cheap holiday to a place with temperatures higher than those in the UK at this time, however you probably won't get the heat or sunshine that's traditionally associated with Spain's summer months.
If you're interested in visiting some of the countries fascinating landmarks while on your cheap Spain holiday, then October is probably a perfect time to do so. Prices will be coming down, and the number of tourists in the area will be too, so you won't need to spend so long queuing for places such as the many art galleries and museums throughout Barcelona and the rest of the country.


1. Comprehension exercises

1.a. According to the text
1.b. According to the text
1.c. If you want to go to museums and art galleries, October is good because there are less people around. 
(Answer "True" or "False" AND write the sentence supporting this idea)
1.d. To make the most of your money, you should book a hotel with breakfast and lunch or dinner included. 
(Answer "True" or "False" AND write the sentence supporting this idea)

2. Do the following grammar exercises according to the instructions given

2.a. Rewrite the sentence. Use the words in brackets and a gerund or infinitive
I'll never forget meeting you for the first time!
2.b. Turn the two sentences into a clause containing a relative pronoun
That is the girl. Her sister is in my Science class.
2.c. Complete the reported question below 
Did you check his heartbeat?
2.d. Write the appropriate verb form of the verb in brackets 

3. Identify ONLY FOUR words from their definitions

  • Obtainable accessible or ready for use or service: available
  • The most extreme possible amount or value: peak
  • End to end: throughout
  • An arrangement whereby a guest or resident pays, usually at a fixed rate, for room, breakfast, and one other daily meal offered in a hotel or boarding house (2 words): half board
  • A ceremonial procession including people marching: parade
  • Fair and sunny weather suitable for outdoor activities: sunshine


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