Predators on social networks: Sexual predators and child molesters find easy prey

Social networking dangers
Social networking is all the rage. Various web sites have sprung up for the sole purpose of providing a place for users to express themselves, share with like-minded individuals, discover new things, and communicate with others.
The concept of social networking has also been extended to other areas, providing users with the ability to express their creativity, network, rate their favourite video clips, etc. Also, some sites provide users with the ability to post and share photos and family videos. The bottom line is that social networking is hugely popular and it is big business. Unfortunately, child molesters, sexual predators, and scam artists have discovered that these sites can also be exploited to find victims. MySpace has taken steps and implemented security measures to minimize this problem, but users should still be cautious and aware.
Photo sharing sites are used by thousands of families to post and share family photos. It is possible to restrict access and only let users you identify view the pictures, but many users are proud of their kids and their photographic skills and allow the general public to view the photos as well. Child molesters and sexual deviants can search through these sites and bookmark their favourite photos of young boys and girls.
If you want to avoid being a victim it is good to be cautious. Just because someone claims to like the same music as you, or share a passion for scrapbooking, doesn't mean it is true. These new "friends" are virtual and faceless and you can't completely trust that they are what they say they are. Another good idea is to keep an eye on your profile and be diligent about who you allow to connect with your profile.
Finally, parents who have children that surf the Web and frequent these social networking sites should communicate with their children and make sure that they understand the risks and that they know they can talk to you about suspicious or malicious activity they encounter.

1. Comprehension exercises

1.a. Social networking
1.b. According to the text
1.c. You can decide who is going to share your documents.
(Answer "True" or "False" AND write the sentence supporting this idea)
1.d. It is advisable for parents to tell their children about the risks of using social networking.
(Answer "True" or "False" AND write the sentence supporting this idea)


2. Do the following grammar exercises according to the instructions given

2.a . Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first one, using "in spite of"
We gave him the present although he didn't behave well with us.
2.b. Turn the two sentences into a sentence of purpose.
She will come soon. She wants us to speak to her about the problem.
  • She will come soon so that we can speak to her about the problem.
2.c. Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first one, using the auxiliary an expression with "such"
It is not necessary to take an umbrella. It is a very good day.
2.d. Rewrite the sentence using the appropriate preposition with the following adjectives
  • She is very good at English but very bad at Language.


3. Identify ONLY FOUR words from their definitions

  • a person who is the aim of an attack (especially a victim of ridicule or exploitation) by some hostile person or influence: prey
  • enormously, tremendously: hugely
  • estimate the value of something assigning a rank: rate
  • alert and fully informed: aware
  • started to happen or operate: implemented
  • a short description of someone's life, character, work, etc.: profile


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