Driving - PAU CyL 2006

Alcohol drink and car keys
Emboldened* by drink, many drivers become convinced they can do things they’d never dream of attempting sober. Some even boast they can handle a car better after a couple of drinks. But Ford has devised a test to prove them wrong – and I agreed to play guinea pig.
While gradually increasing my alcohol intake, I was asked to perform a series of manoeuvres with a Ford Focus to test my dexterity, reaction times and judgement behind the wheel. After just two pints of beer, the effect on my driving was obvious. It was five times less precise. I needed more corrections and hit more cones than before. After two more pints, I was close to the drink-driving limit. My performance continued to deteriorate. What was second nature while sober, required greater and greater concentration.
They stopped the test on safety grounds when I was approximately twice the limit. By this time I was driving the car wildly and erratically, sending half the cones flying. The one area where my performance improved was in braking: it showed that I was hitting the pedal faster and harder as the alcohol increased my self-confidence. Given the rest of the results, however, this offered little reassurance.

*Emboldened = envalentonados

Find a synonym in the text for each of the words below.
    a) trying:  
    b) response:  
    c) evident:  
    d) indicated:  

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