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A mass street drinking session held by Spanish youths turned into a riot last night in which 68 people were injured and 54 arrested in Barcelona alone, police have said. Another 12 people were hurt and 16 arrested in clashes between police and street drinkers in Salamanca. Thousands of young people gathered in cities around Spain last night in an attempt to hold the country's biggest street drinking session or "botellón".
The "botellón" has become a part of Spanish urban life in recent years, as teenagers who were too poor to go to bars assembled in public spaces to drink from cartons of spirits and wine.
The riot began after midnight when youths began throwing bottles and cans at police who responded with baton charges and fired rubber bullets. Firemen were called out to 50 blazes as the youths set fire to rubbish containers in the streets. Shop windows were broken and several shops ransacked, media reports said.
A spokesman for Barcelona municipal police blamed the disturbances on about 200 people who he said were out to cause trouble. He said the 68 injured included 37 police officers, some of whom suffered severe cuts when they were hit by bottles. Some city authorities, such as those in Seville, Granada and Valladolid, allowed the gatherings to take place in designated areas and up to 25,000 people gathered in the southern city of Granada. "We've never seen anything like this in Granada," a police spokesman said. "There's no doubt that this is the biggest botellón in Spain."



I. Answer the following questions using your own words but taking into account the information in the text.
  • a. What are the origins of the “botellón”? PAR.2
  • b. What consequences did the riot have in Barcelona? PAR. 4

II. Are the following statements true (T) or false (F)? Identify the part of the text that supports your answer by copying the exact words on the answer sheet.
a. No one was taken to the Police Station during the botellón session in Salamanca.
b. The police reacted by firing rubber bullets during the riot.
c. Thousands of youngsters gathered in Granada for a street drinking session. 

III. Find a synonym for each of the four words below from these six options:
clashes assembled fired blazes blamed gatherings

IV. Choose a, b, or c, in each question below. Only one choice is correct. 
1. The number of injured people was…
2. The “botellón” is so popular among young people because…
3. These drinking sessions were held…


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