Climate shift in Europe

Europe must adapt to extremes of climate that will cause new deserts in the south and floods and wind storms in the north, according to a new report before fir European Commission. The report, compiled by climate scientists, warns that traditional holiday destinations on the Mediterranean will lose their beaches as sea levels rise, temperatures will become too hot for comfort, and many older people will die due to excessive heat. The Alps will lose most of their glaciers and uncertain snow patterns will lead to serious problems for the ski industry.
Agriculture in the south will suffer as underground water is exhausted and already sparse summer rain disappears. There will not be enough water to grow the fruit and vegetables that fill northern supermarkets. Hot summers will double in frequency by 2020 and forest fires will increase across the whole region. Dangers include more floods, storms and insects bringing new diseases.
The 350-page report is edited by Martin Parry of the Jackson Environment Institute at the University of East Anglia in Britain. It was released last weekend -two weeks before European Union governments meet in The Hague to discuss reducing carbon dioxide emissions to try to slow global warming.

Find a synonym in the text for each of the words below.
    a) adjust:    
    b) models:    
    c) illnesses:    
    d) encounter:  

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