A university challenge to racism

Thinking he was a thief, police shot a young black dentist who had just dropped his girlfriend off a Sao Paulo's international airport on February 3rd. That killing haunted a celebration which took place a week later, the opening of Brazil's first college catering mainly to blacks. It "shows the dimension" of the exclusion of black Brazilians from a society that until recently considered itself unusually tolerant, says José Vicente, president of Afrobras, a group that is the moving force behind the school.
Race and racism are both slippery ideas in Brazil. Nearly half the population is non-white if you count people who describe themselves as black or brown. Both groups are poorer than other Brazilians, less well-educated and paid less for the same work. The new school aims to fill the vacuum. Its 200 students are studying management, with a view to finding jobs in the growing markets. Mr Vicente sees them as the nucleus of a new élite that will encourage other blacks to study, earn and lead the struggle for equal rights.
Ignez Bacelar, one of the students, says that most universities are "for young whites with good incomes." She is happy to study with people who understand the obstacles. Just as important, the subsidised tuition will allow her to become the first graduate in her family.

Find a synonym in the text for each of the words below.
    a) occupations:    
    b) fight:    
    c) earnings:    
    d) barriers:  

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