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Time expiredForget the traditional Valentine card message; love is not forever. In fact, for most people, it lasts no more than 30 months. After that, according to research on the nature of romance, couples have to choose between breaking up and deciding that they are easy enough with each other to stay together.
The conclusions of Professor Cindy Hazan, Cornell University, based on 5,000 interviews across 37 cultures and medical tests on couples challenge the romantic ideal, suggesting instead that men and women are biologically and mentally predisposed to be "in love" for only 18-30 months. That is just long enough for a couple to meet, mate, and produce a child.
There is evidence that what we call love is created by a chemical cocktail in the brain. Some chemicals are registered together only during the initial stages of a relationship. But even the most ardent lovers develop a tolerance to the effects of these chemicals, as a drunk person becomes immune to a single glass of alcohol. Love becomes a habit, especially if there are children.
The study also indicates that most men fall in love more quickly and easily than women and most relationships are terminated by women. This suggests that women are less addicted to the cocktail of love.

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