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Someone offering you his hand / helpSelf-help books explaining how to improve your life all by yourself are bestsellers. However, Mayday! Asking Others for Help in Times of Need is highly original: it explains how to overcome your shyness and get other people's help. Its author, Nora Klaver, a successful business woman, was interviewed and said how she got the idea.
This came to her when she realised that she was successful, financially stable and travelling the world over, but the people around her were more interested in taking from her than in giving back to her. When she became seriously ill, the doctor said she needed an operation and someone to care for her during the week after the surgery. Then she called her boyfriend and told him she needed him to stay with her. Two days before the operation, he left her. So, she had no one to help her and realised that she didn´t want to live that way anymore and that she needed to find friends and loved ones who would give her as much as she gives them. Then she started focusing on this idea of asking for help as a way of meeting new people.
American society loves individual autonomy so much, it is part of it. Following the myth of the cowboy on the range, everyone wants to prove that they are self-sufficient, that they can do it their own way. But it´s just … too difficult, it's exhausting and Nora doesn't believe that is the way people should live. She thinks we should live together in a community and not as individuals all by ourselves.

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