Pubs in Derry - EOI Extremadura inglés A2

Sugar Niteclub ( Downeys Bar)

1- Café Roc 1, College Terrace

Very fashionable pub that is divided into two parts. The best of these two parts is the ground floor with good music like pop or rock. There is a dance floor and also seats and tables. Although it is not one of the cheapest places in Derry, some days it is too busy and it is difficult to move around inside.
Pint price: 2.20 pounds (except special offers)
Anecdotes: The DJ is so nice that you are allowed to choose the music if there are just a few people.


2- Sandino's Water Street

It is more similar to a typical Irish pub at least on the ground floor. It is a suitable place to have your drink and talk without hearing loud music. The first floor is like a disco, where the music is louder. This floor is better for dancing.
Pint price: 2.20 pounds
Anecdotes: This pub is full of photos of Che Guevara, Sandino,…


3- The Ice Wharf 22, Strand Road

It is not a dancing venue, but it is a comfortable place to have a drink and to talk.
During the day you can also have meals. It is cheap, and also, every night, there are different promotions. The Ice Wharf is a big place and it has comfortable seats.
Opening hours: open during all day
Anecdotes: It has the best toilets in Derry. They are better than the bar itself.


4- Sugar Niteclub ( Downeys Bar) 33, Shipquay Street

Opposite the River Inn, Sugar Nightclub is a nice place playing all types of music to suit all tastes. It has two floors, but there is no difference between these ones.
Like most of the places in Derry, there is a dance floor and places to sit.
Anecdotes: One night they played songs by Bob Dylan, Shakira and Barry White in this order.


5- The River Inn Shipquay Street

It is the oldest pub in Derry. Good place, good atmosphere, good people, good offers. It has two floors. One of them is the typical Irish pub (the ground floor), the other one is like a club (the subterranean floor).
Pint prices: 2.20 pounds. ☺ 1.00 pound on Sundays and Thursdays
Anecdotes: One of the waiters has no idea about serving drinks. In the ground floor there are only old people.


6- Jackie Mullans: 13, Little James Street

Club with three floors with no difference between them. You only can hear disco, dance, techno music, and it is a really expensive place. The pint price is the most expensive one in Derry. It is really strangely decorated, and it is very hot.
Pint price: 3.20 pounds
Anecdotes: There was a horrible lamp decorated with dead fish.
The seats remind one of the TV programme (with Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox, hummmmmmm…) "Friends".
One of the waiters, apart from being really ugly, is really unfriendly and unpleasant.


7- Becketts 26-28 Foyle Street

It is an expensive pub without any interest. We have spent lots of nights there, and we are very ashamed about this. Becketts is the place where the biggest Spanish parties took place. The music is awful. Although the DJ is a very good guy.
Anyway, it is a good place to give up drinking and start studying English!
Pint price: 2.20 pounds
Anecdotes: The bouncers are really rude and they shout a lot. It is something very unpleasant for us.

Source: adaptado de un texto que se encuentra en la siguiente dirección: Isabel Pérez


Read the information about PUBS IN DERRY and then match the pubs to the statements. Please note that YOU CAN MATCH SOME OF THE PUBS TO MORE THAN ONE STATEMENT:

A. Go to this pub, no matter what kind of music you like: ___
B. You find the most expensive pint in Derry in this pub: ___
C. They let you choose the music: ___
D. Don’t go to this pub if you want to dance: ___
E. You can find good Spanish parties: ___
F. You can’t find very good music in this pub: ___
G. Go to this pub if you don’t want very loud music: ___
H. There is a restaurant area during the day: ___
I. The pints are cheaper on Thursdays and Sundays: ___
J. Go to this pub if you are interested in South American Icons: ___


A. 4.- Sugar Niteclub
B. 6.- Jackie Mullans
C. 1.- Café Roc
D. 3.- The Ice Wharf
E. 7.- Becketts
F.  7.- Becketts
G. 2.- Sandino’s
H. 3.- The Ice Wharf
I.  5.- The River Inn
J.  2.- Sandino’s


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