My last birthday - EOI Extremadura inglés A2

 My last birthday - Happy birthday


I've spent my last few birthdays in Japan - birthdays, along with Christmas, are the times that I miss family and friends back home a little more than usual. Last birthday all my friends were working but I had the day off, so after feeling sad about it all the day before, I went snowboarding for the day.



Last birthday.......I was floating in the Dead Sea in Jordan....;-)!! With about 11 new friends that I met during the trip from Egypt to Jordan!! It was an amazing experience ;-)!!!! I have been living in Dubai for over a year and when you live in the centre of the world you just use every opportunity to explore other countries....;-)!!



I was in San Francisco for my cousin's wedding. We are a big family, so we rented a huge house and all stayed in it together. In the morning I walked from the Golden Gate Bridge to downtown Toyko and back again for a day adventure. Truly one of my favourite cities to visit. When I got home my aunts had bought a huge chocolate cake and I blushed as they all sang to me in the dining room. Good family is an amazing gift.



Today is my boyfriend's birthday. We are off to the zoo here in Munich when my daughter gets home from school. Then, afterwards, a restaurant in the centre of Munich and a walk around the old town with some ice creams.


1. Which of the speakers

a) had a surprise? __________
b) went somewhere new? __________
c) talks about another person's birthday?__________
d) spent his/her birthday alone?__________

2. Choose the best answer

1. Mathew
a) lives in Japan with his family
b) was sad the day before his birthday
c) had a great time snowboarding

2. Alan
a) has eleven friends
b) thinks swimming is amazing
c) likes travelling to new countries

3. Jane
a) had a wonderful time with her family
b)went shopping in the morning
c)doesn't like San Francisco very much

4. Nikki
a) went to the zoo on her birthday
b) is taking her daughter to the zoo on her birthday
c) has plans to do three different things for the occasion


1. a Jane b Alan c Nikki d Mathew
2. 1b 2c 3a 4c


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