Music therapy can help children with communication problems

Teacher playing the guitar to children with communication problemsSome infants who are born with impaired hearing and who cannot benefit from hearing aids are likely to gain 90% normal hearing ability by undergoing ear surgery. But, after the operation, the child - who has never heard before - undergoes a long rehabilitation process before he or she can begin to speak. In a recent study, researchers examined the particular effects that music therapy has on the potential development of toddlers (aged 2-3) who have undergone ear surgery, specifically in terms of improving spontaneous communication.
"Music includes various elements that are also components of language. So, this non-verbal form of communication is suitable for communication with these children, when they are still unable to use language," explained a researcher. She added that the toddlers undergoing rehabilitation are under a lot of pressure from their surroundings - especially their parents- to begin talking, and sometimes this pressure makes them become introverted. In such a scenario, music therapy strengthens these children's non-verbal communication and lessens pressure on them for verbal exchange and response.
The study provided sixteen sessions for children after ear surgery. Eight of the sessions included music-related activities and the rest involved playing with toys and games without musical sounds. The results showed that during those sessions when music therapy was implemented, spontaneous communication was markedly more frequent and prolonged in the children. The researchers concluded that exposure to music needs to be gradual, through the use of music experiences that involve basic musical parameters, such as intensity and rhythm.


Are the following statements TRUE or FALSE? Copy the evidence from the text. No marks are given for only TRUE or FALSE.
  • Children start speaking immediately after their operation.
  • According to the text, when parents try to force their children to speak, they become more communicative.
Find the words in the text that mean:
  • goes through (paragraph 1)
  • small children (paragraph 1)
  • appropriate (paragraph 2)
  • investigators (paragraph 3)

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